Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Timer

My mom visited us last week and watched Minnow so I could work my Matilda Jane business. It was so nice to have her around and Minnow had a great time with her "Gwandma." My mom had a wonderful idea of how to get Minnow to listen, especially at naptime and bedtime. Naps and bedtime have been a struggle lately. She is the master manipulator and she stalls. "I want more grapes," "I have to go potty," and it goes on and on.

My mom, the wise lady that she is (and experienced after raising 4 kids), bought a timer. She set the timer for 5 minutes and told Minnow that when the bell rings it's naptime. Minnow was not a fan of the timer, and voiced this to my mom, but she obeyed.

The timer remained behind, but when I tried to use it yesterday, Minnow said, "that's not yours, it's Gwandma's" I told her that Grandma said I could use it. She actually asked for the timer today, I set it, told her that when the bell rang it was nap time. It rang, and she trotted off to her room for naptime. Thanks Gwandma for your help and wisdom! We love you!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer is Over

Summer is over and now I'm back to the blogging thing. My friend, BJ_Mamma, from For What It's Worth or Not declared my blogging vacation over--just the push I needed. Thanks BJ!

The Muskie family had a great summer, we spent alot of time in the Northwoods staying with my brother and family so Muskie Man could fish for the elusive muskie. We spent a week with Muskie Man's family at a resort way Up North and had two sunny days (out of seven)--not a very good ratio of sunny days to cloudy days! One day it didn't even get out of the 50's--in July! Despite the not so good beach weather, we still had a good time with family. We went to visit my parents for a long weekend and I fit a business conference in there too.

Minnow turned three a few weeks ago and we celebrated her birthday on the water in our boat with some good friends. Turning three means that Minnow is now old enough to go to preschool. Today was her first day, which signified summer being over. She had a great day, preschool will be very good for her. That pretty much sums up the summer, I'll let these pictures do the talking:
Most days would find us at the park for some fun playtime with friends:

4th of July!
Ridin' in style in my uncle's '69 Buick. Muskie Man and I rode in this on our wedding day, 14 years ago. Many of my aunts, uncles and cousins have also borrowed this ride on their wedding day. At the time of this picture, the Buick was being used by one of my cousins and his new bride.
Having fun at an amusement park. This place has alot of little rides for the kids and each ride only costs a quarter! Minnow loved it, despite some rain showers.
We like to call her the "Fish Whisperer"
Chillin' on the boat:
Just lookin' cute:
Time for school--summer's over:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blogging Vacation is Over

My 3 month blogging vacation is over! I've had serious writer's block and have been very busy with my new adventure as a Matilda Jane trunk keeper. Things are settling down and getting back to some semblence of normal. Spring is here and we can play outside, we are out of hibernation.

The purpose of my blog is to document Minnow's life as a funny little toddler, so we don't forget these moments. I need to do a better job of this--there are so many little comments I hear throughout the day that I have to document, or else they are forgotten.

More Minnow Musings to come. . .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heard on the Way to a Playdate

We were driving to a playdate the other day and I was telling Minnow where we were going. "We're going to Collin's house to play," I said.

She responded from the backseat: "Play nice?"

"Yes, play nice," I said.

"Share?" she responded.

"Yes, share please." I replied.

At this point, I am smiling to myself, I'm getting through to her I'm thinking. I feel like I'm raising a nice little girl who will play nicely with others, I'm feeling kind of good about this. Until. . .

The next thing I hear from the little voice in the back seat is: "Push?"

I guess I have a few more playdate lessons to teach.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Go Away Snow!

These are the words that I hear from the little person in the back seat of the car when we drive past a park. She sees the sad-looking playground equipment all covered in snow and yells, "Go away snow!" Now if only the snow would listen to her.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week I did not bribe Minnow with suckers so she would sit in her stroller as we visited Cabelas.

I did not bribe her with suckers so I could make some business-related phone calls. What kind of parent gives their kid 2 suckers in a span of about an hour?--not me!

We did not keep Minnow up until 11:30 on Friday night while we were hanging out with friends. What kind of parents do that? Not us!

Minnow did not have fun playing the W*ii until 11:30 at our friends' house.

I did not just take the Christmas tree lights off yesterday, a month after Christmas.

I did not call Muskie Man while he was out running errands and ask him to bring home a new play-doh set because I am getting bored with what we have. He did not come home with an Undersea Adventure play-doh set. I did not have fun playing with it.

I did not find Minnow on top of our breakfast bar eating a chocolate Santa after taking my eyes off her for .3 seconds! Time to move the stools away from the breakfast bar.

I did not let her keep eating the above referenced Santa so I could take a picture:


Friday, January 23, 2009

We're Back

I've been in a writing slump, just not feeling like blogging, but that is going to change. I need to write down the funny things that Minnow does that make me laugh, I'll forget them otherwise.

We had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, even though it seems like it was a winter ago. Minnow enjoyed opening her presents and had to play with each one before moving on to the next one.

I became the coolest aunt ever by taking my nephews sledding. My five-year old nephew and I shared a sled and had a huge wipe-out. I had to pick grass from his nostrils and then pretend everything was ok so he wouldn't cry! My sister got a great picture where my feet are above my head in the middle of the crash. It was fun, nonetheless.

Our days are now busy with lots of basketball games at Muskie Man's school, playdates and I'm busy with a new business venture as a trunk keeper for Ma.tilda Jane clothing--a cute clothing line for girls that is too adorable for words, so I'll leave you with Minnow in front of the tree in her new dress: